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Larry cleaned up after his credit was cleaned up

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Hi, I’m Larry. I was overenthusiastic when applying for credit to get the best interest rate. But I didn’t know that applying for credit so many times would come back to haunt me.


My credit scores were decent but I had no clue that unsecured lenders were so sensitive to the number of hard inquiries on your credit report. Which meant, the inquiries from my rate shopping were working against me big time and causing my financing applications to get denied. Then I realized that unless all these inquiries were erased, I had no chance of getting the credit I wanted…at least not within the next few months.


A friend told me about I knew there’d be a fee, but if they delivered what they promised, it was well worth it. And, to my great relief, they did.


To begin with, they studied my credit report and detected as many as 17 inquiries. They disputed every inquiry in the special way they do it. I’m not quite sure how they do it. It looked liked they fought it with the FCT and some other places. It took about 4 weeks and all 17 inquiries were gone and my credit scores went up! And I ended up with 775 from TransUnion, 780 from Experian and 745 from Equifax. I was able to get $65,000 approved in funding from their sister company So in the end, I was able to remove all inquiries and get a significant amount of unsecured funding, which is exactly what I needed.










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