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Cryptocurrency Mining and Identity Theft

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a golden colored bitcoin representing the concept of cryptocurrency

More and more governments are recognizing cryptocurrencies as legal tender.  Purchases using cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin are becoming common practice among many traditional and online retailers.  Japan, which has long legitimized Bitcoin, expects more than 20,000 merchants to begin accepting bitcoin.  What does this all mean for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and especially in relation to online threats?  Mass adoption of digital currency, such as Bitcoin, means that cyber criminals will try to abuse it.

Cryptocurrency Mining Gets The Attention Of CyberCriminals:

Cryptocurrency Mining and Identity Theft:

The malware associated with cryptocurrency mining not only affects system performance but also places the end users at risk of a hijacking of their computer systems and identity theft.  Using end user machines, cryptocurrency malware can unintentionally make the victims part of the harm.

Malware associated with cryptocurrency mining is a credible threat due to the harm it does to devices and a user’s data, identity and information.  There is no way to fight this sort of malware, but you can put practices in place to prevent infection from malware. Here are a few tips:

When cryptocurrency mining, it is vital to ensure you are protected from identity theft and malware attacks.  Take the necessary precautions such as securing email gateways, implementing best practices and installing countermeasure to web injections, are essential to ensure successful cryptocurrency mining.  Ultimately, the security of devices connected to the internet and during cryptocurrency mining is down to the individual.


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