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Scam Proof Credit Repair Services Exist. How To Find Best One?

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A businessman looking in front of camera representing the concept of credit repair services

There are companies offering credit repair services, some of them are scammers looking out there to take advantage of people who desperately wants to improve or change their credit score. Obviously, bad credits can cause your life to be quite stressful and more expensive. It can lead to the denial of loan applications which can damage your business easily. But that doesn’t mean, you should fall for fake credit repair companies.

Firstly, let me give you insight about Credit Repair and Credit Repair Services.

Distinction between Credit Repair and Credit Repair Services:

5 Reasons to Remove Negative Items From Credit Report:

Bad credit does not only restrict you from taking loans but it can leave you homeless and jobless. Negative items will destroy your credit report.

There are 5 reasons why you should remove negative items from credit report:


1). Bad credit history means, more insurance payments.

2). Bad credit will not get you credit card, and you’ll have pay cash for everything.

3). Low credit scores means, higher interest rates.

4). A bad credit history might get your credit limit cut hurting your credit score even more by raising your credit utilization.

5). Banks won’t lend you a mortgage until you’ve repaired your credit.


Top 5 Reasons these Credit Repair Services are Scam:

Before you go pursuing a convenient solution to your credit problems, you ought to understand that your “snappy and simple” arrangement could possibly reverse in some extremely obnoxious ways. So you ought to maintain a strategic distance from these regular credit repair scams.

1. Substantial Advance Payment:

When the company wants you to pay for credit repair services before they provide anything proves that it’s a SCAM because, under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies cannot require you to pay until they have completed the services they have promised.

A typical trademark of a credit repair companies scam is to con you into paying all the cash immediately so that when you understand you are being shown a good time, they as of now have what they need. This is the reason the government Credit Repair Organizations Act really denies credit repair organizations from tolerating payments for an administration before it has been performed. So in the event that somebody needs a cluster of cash before they will even begin taking a shot at your credit, run the other way.

 2. Promises To Get Rid Of All Negative Information:

You have to be careful of the credit repair services that promises to be able to delete bankruptcy, collection, late payment, repossession, etc. The truth is that no credit repair company knows for sure whether or not they can delete something from your credit report because it is up to the credit bureaus whether or not something gets removed. They can do everything in their power and even start filing lawsuits, but even then, they may not win.


Note: The company will tell you that they can get rid of most or all of the negative credit information in your credit report, even if that information is accurate and current. THAT IS FRAUD!

3. Ask You Not To Contact Credit Bureaus:

The companies that are scam will ask you not to contact the three credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian yourself.  Because with the help of them you can repair your credit report yourself as well.

4. Claims to know mystery loophole:

There is nothing a credit repair organization can improve the situation you that you can’t do yourself. The main reason individuals utilize a credit repair organization is that they would prefer not to take every necessary step themselves. Any individual who reveals to you they have some super mystery framework that no one else thinks about (mystery PC program, contacts inside the credit authorities, information of a concealed indirect access, and so on.), is deceiving you confront.


Note: A credit repair company may have more involvement and might be preferable at performing credit repair over you are, yet on the off chance that they say they can accomplish something you can’t, don’t trust them.

5. Does Not Have A Contract And A Physical Address:

Before you sign up for credit repair service, make sure you have everything in writing because federal law require that you should sign a contract in place stating specific things like the credit repair services that will be performed, the fees that will be charged for these services, and when these fees will be considered collectible.

A company who doesn’t have a physical address is a spam because any reputable credit repair company will have physical existence.



There are companies offering credit repair services, some of them are scammers looking out there to take advantage of people who desperately wants to improve or change their credit score. Reasons why you should remove negative items and how to analyse the credit repair service scams explained above.


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